Web Design

OSCompanies has expertise in WordPress development and design.

We can provide you with a unique site with all the bells and whistles, but one that you can still manage on a day to day basis.

The WordPress platform provides the client with the ability to do copy edits and additions to their web site without needing to know computer language like HTML or PHP. MSA also provides you the support you need whether it’s troubleshooting a problem or developing a new feature.

The WordPress option through MSA provides a cost-effective alternative. Because the client can make edits and additions, you won’t be paying a developer to make a simple edit to your site or adding a developer to your staff to maintain the site on a daily basis.

OSCompanies also has expertise in WordPress plugins (or apps) for extra features on your web site that help make it unique. For example, integrating your social media sites right on your web site, like a twitter feed or Facebook posts.

OSCompanies is committed to designing your web site to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an integral part of your marketing and branding. It’s important for every business to make a lasting impression on clients or customers. An image or graphic can communicate more than just words to your audience. Simple design elements like font choice and color scheme can help to portray an emotion or feeling that supports your brand.

Our professional designers can take your concepts and turn them into amazing graphics. We will develop the right designs to reflect your unique brand and identity in the marketplace!


OSCompanies can provide you with an e-commerce solution to fit the needs of your company and your product to effectively reach your target market!

OSCompanies will work with you to create a unique design for your e-commerce store(s). We can create a system that will accomodate a small number of products (showcase) or multiple product lines and multiple stores. No project is too simple or too complex.

OSCompanies provides solutions for organizatons across the spectrum, including:

  • Business
  • Non-profit
  • Political

OSCompanies can also meet your needs for Payment Processing