Top Features

List Segmentation

ZenSend gives you the option of segmentation for your many subscribers. You can segment your subscribers based on interests, language preference, mail frequency, etc. This allows your subscriber to receive only the information they want to hear, when they want to hear it. Also, you can track your campaigns using Google Analytics, find result indicators, and location information. You can also monitor campaigns using subscriber behavior.


Dynamic content (V. 6)

ZenSend offers Dynamic content, allowing you to make specific changes to content based on the information your subscriber is interested in. For example, your subscriber is interested in a specific topic; content block will automatically mail them if you happen to include an article on that topic. This allows your subscribers to receive only the information they want, resulting in a happy subscriber.


Unlimited Split testing (A/B/C/D/…)

Split testing is another successful marketing feature offered through ZenSend. If you want to send out a campaign you are unsure about, you can send out multiple campaigns with differences in style, subject, content, or layout. The system can then rate the various successes of these campaigns based on open rates/CTR and send the most successful campaign to the remainder of your subscribers. This feature can tremendously boost the success of your campaigns.


Inbox Preview Tool

Using the Inbox preview tool allows you to view the various ways your subscribers receive your email. For example, subscribers will have different email accounts through such webmail as Microsoft Outlook: 2003, 2007, 2010, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc; therefore each subscriber will have different views of your campaign. Don’t waste time setting up and previewing various test accounts at Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc…, when all you have to do is click the Inbox preview tool! Efficiently make sure all your subscribers are receiving the best campaign possible by using the Inbox preview tool.


Spam Check

Spam check gives you the option of testing your campaigns for a spam score. This test will let you know what words are triggering a high spam score (flagging the mail as spam) allowing you to re-word your mailing if necessary. Spam check makes sure more of your subscribers are receiving your legitimate emails, not losing another important message to their spam folder.

Reporting Features

Email Reporting

Want to know how many of your subscribers have opened your email and when? Using ZenSend Email Marketer, you can do just that! The statistics tab allows you to view who opened your email and when! Simply choose the date range you want to view, such as the last 7 days, last month, or even the last year, to view your data. You also choose how you want to see the information, as either a bar chart or the more detailed data table.


Link Click Tracking

Increase your sales results by tracking what products are being viewed and when! Simply click on the provided link in your email to see what products are (or are not) capturing your customer’s interest!


Google Analytics Integration

With Google Analytics Integration, you can produce a tracking code for all links in your email campaign, giving you full access to number of visits, e-commerce conversations, and goals! All you have to do is type in your Google Analytics details when sending your campaign!


Unsubscribe Reporting

Get reports on the un-subscription rates for your email campaigns. Find out when, and which, recipients unsubscribe to your email campaigns. You can create a report for a specific date or find the rates from a period of time. Knowing what specific emails cause the most un-subscriptions can help you avoid these losses in the future.


Email Bounce Tracking

Receive detailed error messages and/or reports showing which email addresses bounced and why. For example “Email address doesn’t exsit.”


Tell a Friend Reporting

Get detailed reports of which recipients forwarded your email to a friend and when!