Partner Source Services

  icon-adjust Continuity Planning

Companies always need to be prepared for the worst. Partner Source will identify your company’s exposure to any internal or external threats. We can create a plan so your company can weather adverse conditions while still maintaining your competitive advantage.

 icon-cogs IT Consulting

Most Companies can’t afford their own IT department. Partner Source will evaluate your needs and provide you with the services your company needs. You can eliminate the overhead of an IT department or having an IT expert on staff.

 icon-truck Office Moves and Wiring

Moving offices can be an overwhelming project. Partner Source will take some of that stress off your hands by determining your IT needs and designing and installing the wiring your company will require.

 icon-cloud Virtualization

Virtualization has allowed companies to increase the performance of their systems. Partner Source will simplify your IT infrastructure and make it more efficient.

 icon-fire Firewall and Security

Protect your company and client vital data from Hackers. Partner Source will provide the security your internal system needs by controlling incoming and outgoing traffic through a firewall.

 icon-filter Email and Spam Protection

More and more business is being done over email. It’s difficult enough to get through all your relevant emails. Partner Source will protect your email against spam and viruses.

 icon-road Hosted Exchange

Time is money and your company’s resources shouldn’t be expended on managing your email system. Reduce your IT costs and minimize downtime by using Partner Source’s hosted exchange.

 icon-info-circle Managed Services

Improve your operations and peace of mind by using PartnerSource for managed services. Don’t wait for a problem to occur. Partner Source will make sure your system is maintained and will minimize any downtime needed for that maintenance.

 icon-signal Wireless Solutions

Cut down on your overhead (wiring and connection costs) by using a wireless system. Partner Source will evaluate your company’s needs and implement the wireless solution that will work best for you.

 icon-user On Demand Services

Some companies have only a periodic need for IT services. Don’t pay an IT Consultant just to be “on call.” Partner Source will meet your IT needs as they arise.