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Process Credit Card Services – Merchant Accounts

MSA’s authorized Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways can provide innovative payment solutions for your Online or Retail Business, no matter how large or small!

  • Retail Merchant Accounts and Processing Gateways

The most common choice for those who have a physical store location where customers are present at the time of purchase. *This does not mean that you cannot take telephone orders or card not present orders.

  • eCommerce Merchant Accounts and Processing Gateways (Card Not Present)

This option is the most common choice for those who do NOT have a physical store location. Customers are either purchasing remotely from your eCommerce website, the telephone, mail orders, etc. at the time of purchase. This is called “Card Not Present” since your customer is not physically there for you to “swipe” their card.

MSA has been in the eCommerce business/reselling credit card processing for a long time. There are many options out there and we have found that our network of partner processors and are the best! We trust them for all of our payment processing!

Interchange Plus Option

Interchange-Plus gives you the most competitive rate structure for accepting credit cards because it is based on the actual credit card accepted as well as the transaction classification type (card present vs. card not present, etc.)

This account takes the actual rates that Visa/MC/Discover charge (called Interchange Rates) and adds a fixed margin to them to arrive at the rate you pay for each transaction. Interchange rates vary dramatically based on the type of credit card given to you by the customer as well as if there are any rewards attached to that card (i.e. Airline Miles). The bigger the reward given to your customer for using that card, the higher the Interchange rate you will pay for processing that transaction.

Based on different types of credit cards, the rates for this account can vary anywhere from 1.48% to 3.645% per transaction. The fewer “non-qualified” credit cards you process, the lower your overall rate will be.

Other variables that go into the calculation of the rates you pay will be risk factor add-ons for situations such as whether or not the card was presented in front of you (Card Present vs. Card-Not-Present transaction or phoned in), whether or not the card was “Swiped” or Manually Entered.

At the end of the month, you will receive a statement outlining all the different types of cards and transaction types that you accepted in that month and the accompanying rates and fees that were associated with those transactions.


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