Tomorrow’s eSolutions Today!

Products and Services

MSA is a full-service provider for electronic communications including:

  • Web design, management and maintenance
  • Email Marketing (mass and targeted)
  • Customized e-print services

MSA has built a professional network of media production companies that are the affiliates of MSA. Additional services that can be provided through MSA include:

  • Print and Mail
  • Production of promotional materials

Leading Edge Technology

Our background is business, campaigns and technology – and we are always looking for new software, hardware and methods to complement our existing tools. It is a not just a matter of business but a matter of pride to our experienced staff. In fact, we have several times taken suggestions from customers and after formal evaluation, added the functionality to all of our services and business processes. We listen to the needs of our customers.

How we work

MSA’s production processes are effective for small and large projects alike MSA’s process of development is thorough and detailed, but still designed to be flexible in matching our expertise to your project needs.


Knowing what you want to achieve, and how you will measure whether or not you have achieved it, is critical. We build time into every project to explore and record:

  • goals and objectives
  • target audience characteristics
  • platform dependencies
  • media considerations

Translating what you want conceptually into plans and action items, the design phase includes drafting, review, rewriting, review and approval of the following:

  • product proposal document
  • media selection
  • copy development
  • website design

Artistic expression is an important element of production, when the design phase transforms into moving communications:

  • video and photography
  • drafting & layout of printed materials
  • graphics and animation creation
  • database and e-commerce programming
  • quality assurance & test plan

Never forget the importance of testing, covering technical execution to end-consumer perceptions:

  • platform
  • usability
  • quality assurance

Feedback is gathered to measure quality and to determine if objectives are met, providing a closed feedback loop.